Saturday, October 26, 2013

Street Team Info!

Do you love books?

Do you find yourself thinking about what you're going to read next before you've even finished the one your on?

Do you find it impossible not to shout to anyone and everyone you meet the latest news about your favorite authors?

If you're answer was:
 "You got that right" or "Darn tootin'" or "Absopsitivolutely!" 
then you're perfect for my street team! 

Maybe you haven't heard of a street team before. As a Street Team member you'll do just about everything you did before as a reader. You'll get the opportunity to read ARC's and post reviews, host giveaways and tour dates, tweet about my books, and generally share what you love about them. Basically, you'll lend your support in any way that you can.

In return you'll get:

--ARCs of each new title BEFORE everyone else!
--Special prizes & giveaways exclusive to Street Team members!
--Active members will be mentioned in the "Acknowledgements" section of my future books. 

Ready to sign up?
Click here and ask to join!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Surrender to Love by J.C. Valentine

There's only 3 weeks left until Surrender to Love hits the virtual shelves! So we're going to celebrate by working our way through some teasers, starting with an oldie but goodie. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few Announcements...

Hey, all! The time is growing very, very near and before you know it, Surrender to Love will be here! According to the countdown clock, as of right now, there's only 23 days left to go! Who's excited?!

So, a few things happening.

1. We have a street team!
If you are interested in helping me spread the word about Surrender to Love (and future novels), join the group. I'd love to have you!

2. There will be a Facebook Party on November 12th and YOU are invited! Save the date and bring your friends! 

3. I have teamed up with the lovely, hard-working and talented ladies over at Literati Author Services, Inc. to promote Surrender to Love's release. They have the task of finishing off a month long tour, and I know they will make it the best week ever! If you are a blogger and interested in helping out, please fill out the form!

Oh, and if you're interested in pre-ordering Surrender to Love, it's only 99 cents, and all you have to do is click on those nifty links located in the right-hand side bar --->

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Reblogged from: Jade C. Jamison

One thing I will say about the publishing community of indie authors—we know how to network.  Yesterday, more drama, and it spread like wildfire.  We’d been hearing the buzz about Kobo/ WH Smith pulling down “questionable” content, but then they announced that they were pulling down everything indie without regard to content.  It was a no-holds-barred frenzy of figuratively pulling books off shelves.  Then articles appeared, accusing not only Kobo but Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well of the same sort of behavior.  Shortly thereafter, Facebook was going crazy with not whispers but shouts, crying censorship.  Readers were angry with the rumors that all their books could be deleted off their Kindles with no warning (because they’re paying for the “license,” not the “book”), and authors were angry because—bottom line—Amazon earns most of us more money than all the other outlets combined.  We reach a wider audience with Amazon, frankly, and to even dream that we can no longer use the seller as an outlet is upsetting, to say the least.

While the jury is still out—because neither I nor any other author or reader have seen anything in print from Amazon confirming or denying this rumor—I am a little hopeful, because not one but two readers contacted me to tell me they had spoken personally with someone at Amazon over the phone and were assured that these were rumors and nothing more.  One woman who posted on one of my discussions about the matter said they told her they would have someone in PR release a statement to quell the rumors on Facebook.

As you know by now, that statement has not yet been released…and, until it is, I and my fellow indie authors will wait, hopeful but nervous.

In the meantime, I have done all I can.  I have signed the petition at (if you want to sign or see it, click the link.  When I signed it yesterday, it had fewer than 300 signatures and now, as I post this article early Tuesday morning, it has over 10,000!).  I also urged others to sign.  Deeper than crushing our livelihood is the threat of censorship, something I think most of us can agree is a bad thing.  When others can start to choose what you can and cannot read, then they begin to worry about all the other areas of others’ lives they aren’t happy with.  We live in a free country, folks, which means we have the liberty to choose what we personally like, and that also means that we might not always like what someone else is doing.  Get over it! Read more...


As you can see, yesterday was a firestorm of epic proportions of which no one was immune. To date, all of my books, both under my given and pen name, have been pulled from Amazon UK's shelves, along with every other author I share space with. I don't know when they will be available for purchase again, but this morning I was prompted to re-sign a terms of conditions agreement, so I am hopeful that they will be soon.

On a brighter note, all of my work is still available (and hopefully will continue to be) on ALL of the other platforms (Amazon US, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, and Apple iTunes). For those authors who have had all of their work pulled, hang in there!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Snippet ~ KNOCKOUT

**Completely unedited. You are seeing Knockout in its rawest form & what you read is subject to change.**

“I’m glad you came tonight.”
She dropped her head shyly as her teeth made another appearance, raking over her bottom lip. “Me too. I missed you,” she said quietly. Almost sadly. Did she think they weren’t going to see each other again?
“Hey,” he said, grasping her chin between his fingers and lifting her face to his, commanding her to look at him. “This isn’t goodbye, if that’s what you’re thinking.”
Eyebrows a shade lighter than her mahogany hair drew together. “It’s not?”
A grin spreading across his face, Jami shook his head. “Not unless you want it to be.” 


From the wrong side of the tracks...

Alyson Blake had learned early on that the only one she could depend on was herself. The only light in her life was a boy whom everyone agreed was destined for prison; but with his first kiss, he had set her soul on fire. Since the day the police dragged him away in handcuffs, she had managed to lead a quiet life, but when she attends an event fraught with mayhem, trouble resurfaces.

The one person she can’t forget...

Jamison Weston is the kind of guy dads load their shotguns for; endowed with a hot temper and a rap sheet as long as both tattooed arms. Known as “The Judge,” Jami’s hot temper, lethal fists, and cocky attitude have earned him respect and admiration both in and out of the ring. But just when he thinks he’s pummeled his past to death, Alyson Blake reenters his life.

Two paths collide…

After years of separation, Alyson is eager to reexplore the man who’s never left her thoughts, but for Jamison, she’s an unwelcome distraction. Despite his resistance, Alyson is determined to have him. Yet, when she discovers the disturbing secret to his success as a fighter, will she accept the truth, or will it tear them apart for good?

 Add KNOCKOUT to your Goodreads

***Also, don't forget that Surrender to Love is only 1 month away, so if you haven't already done so, get your pre-order in today. (P.S. It's on sale!)***
Pre-order your copy of Surrender to Love (Night Calls, 3) by J.C. Valentine and lock it in at a special pre-order #sale price of only $0.99!
After finding herself out of luck and out of love, Patricia Jacobs has written off the male species. No one but her father has ever given her the love and devotion she knows she deserves, and she’s sick and tired of it. Until she collides, literally, with a man whose devastating smile and seductive charm that should be considered illegal, destroys her plans.
He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man: handsome, intelligent, successful, they share a love of cars and best of all; he looks at her like she’s his light in the dark. What more could a girl ask for?

Jonathon Bradshaw, destroyed by a past that has haunted his every waking moment for the last five years, isn’t looking for a serious relationship, until he meets Patricia. Sweet, saucy and as hot as the summer is long, Jon can’t deny the draw he has toward her. For the first time, he has hope. Determined to shake the ghosts of his past, Jon focuses on forging a future with Patti, but he’s always been a master at standing in his own way.

When Jon’s past refuses to be forgotten, will Patti be able to live with the truth about the man who’s stolen her heart?
Pre-order Surrender to Love (Night Calls, 3) at:
Apple iTunes:
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Buy That First Kiss (Night Calls, 2):
**As always, you can stay up-to-date with all the latest writing news on my webpage:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

How'd you like to take a spin around the block with this tatted up hottie? 
Enjoy Your Hump Day! 

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