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Hot Paranormal Nights Blog Hop

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to the lovely authors hosting this wonderful hop, Tricia Schneider and Kallysten.

As you know, this event celebrates all things that go bump in the night. Whether you like your sexy heroes to have fangs or fur, or your spunky heroines to harness magical forces, or any other sort of paranormal elements to spice up your romances.

Today I am sharing an excerpt from my novel "Addicted to Magic"with all of you. It is a young adult novel dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a teenage witch. Not only does it contain elements of magic, but it is laugh out loud funny, packed with drama, and topped with a nice helping of Oh, my God! He's so HOT! romance. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter (It's INTERNATIONAL!) at the end for a shot at your very own copy of "Addicted to Magic" and definitely do make sure to follow on to the next awesome blog! Good luck and Happy Reading!!


I pondered what to do for some time, trying to figure out how to get the information I would need to put a stopper in my mother’s path toward destruction, before finally noticing Amber’s attentions.
“What are you doing?” I asked, looking down at the fishnet stockings, short pleated black skirt and low-cut top.
“Helping you get ready,” she said, shoving another bobby pin into my hair. “There,” she announced, hopping down from the bed. “I now pronounce you gorgeous. No need to thank me, I can’t take all the credit. My model wasn’t completely unfortunate.”
“Gee, thanks.” I went to the mirror, admiring her handiwork. My hair was twisted up, a few golden brown strands hanging down in gentle waves. My make-up was fresh, not overly done. Except for the eyes, which were lined in coal, the lids mat black. It made my green eyes pop. And my clothes were, well, my clothes, but I had never thought to put them together that way before.
I looked like some sort of Goth princess.
“What is all this for?” I asked suspiciously, smoothing the skirt.
Jumping up and down and clapping her hands, Amber grinned widely. “Tonight we are going to party like it’s 1999, biotch!”

“Why am I here?” I asked myself aloud as I followed Amber up the walkway toward what could only be described as a mansion. Instantly, I felt smaller. “Why do I let you talk me into these things?”
“Because you’re a genius,” she said, weaving her way through a group of older boys.
I looked around, realizing that I didn’t recognize anyone there. I followed closely on Amber’s heels, feeling self-conscience and out of place, as she led the way into the kitchen.
“You tell me my mother is about to become road kill and suddenly I find myself at some party.”  I shook my head at the insanity of it all.
“I said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s not happening tonight. Why waste a perfectly good party sitting around the house worrying when you can be here, having a good time.”
A fairly attractive boy dressed in a toga stood behind the counter making drinks for everyone. Amber stepped up, giving him a flirty smile as she took a cup. She passed me what appeared to be fruit punch and accepted another for herself.
I sipped tentatively at my drink as we made our way around the crowded home. There were people everywhere, clogging the hallways and rooms at every turn. And the noise, it was deafening.
We staked out a place along a wall in the den where a group of people stood watching as a band set up their equipment in the corner. I leaned into Amber and shouted over the pulsing music.
“How much longer are we staying?”
“How much longer?” I said louder.
She nodded. “Yeah, he is strong!”
I scrunched my nose at her obvious misunderstanding. Following her gaze, I caught sight of what she was talking about.
There was a wet bar set up at the back of the room where a guy was using some girl as a weight bar, doing push-ups while another guy fed him Jell-O shots. I shook my head. This was so not my scene. I literally itched to get out of there.
Amber was in her element. Guys aplenty as she would have called it. She eyed them like a kid in a candy shop, eager to sample the goods.
“If she keeps staring like that she’s going to give herself a toothache.”
I turned to find a guy with golden blond hair and the prettiest set of brown eyes I had ever seen staring down at me. He smiled warmly.
“Um, what?” I asked lamely.
“You’re friend.” He tipped his head at Amber. “She’s looking at every guy in here like they’re her personal lollipop.”
I laughed. “Yes, she is. Good thing men aren’t food, or she’d be obese.”
He laughed. “I’m Trent. And you are…”
“Jessica,” he said, trying it out. “Nice name. Common, but pretty, like you.”
I raised a brow at him, then burst out laughing. “Oh man, that has got to be the worst pick-up line I have ever heard. Does that really work for you?”
He made a face, sucking in a hesitant breath through his teeth. “Apparently not. This is my first time.”
“Virgin?” I shot back. I was hardly bashful, and as I quickly found out, neither was he.
“Hardly,” he grinned. “I meant that was my first time using that line. My buddy insisted that I use it. It was a bet. I lost.” He took a long drink from his cup. “So what college you go to?”
I frowned. “College?”
“Yeah, you at state, or community?”
“Um, neither,” I said, suddenly realizing exactly why I hadn’t been able to recognize anyone. This was a college party.
He nodded as if he understood perfectly.

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    Sinful Summer Blog Hop

    Thank you for participating in the Sinful Summer Blog Hop 

    The hop runs July 24-31 so you have plenty of time to visit everyone!
    The best part of summer is enjoying a nice steamy read.

    The Night Calls series by J.C. Valentine is guaranteed to steam up your Kindle. Whether you enjoy long, hot, and angsty, or short, tantalizing, and full of passion, I have two books that are perfect for you! Stranded: a short story/novella

    Burned, Felix Sinclair has all but vowed never to get seriously involved with another woman as long as he lives. After a long day's work, Felix is looking forward to getting back to his luxury apartment in the city. When he detours onto a road less traveled in order to shave off some travel time, the last thing he expects is to wind up stranded in a roadside ditch in the middle of a downpour-or to fall into the arms of a beautiful woman.

    Recently divorced, jobless, friendless and utterly alone, Poppy Montgomery is struggling to convince herself that single life is what she wants-needs. Then a handsome stranger staggers into her life and sparks fly. Riding out the storm together, their instant connection seems like the perfect opportunity to explore a night of passion, but will one night be enough to satisfy their craving for one another?
    That First Kiss (a full length novel)

    Mercurial and charming, Tate Larson is a rising author and playboy who has a different woman on his arm every night of the week. Focused on his work, Tate has no plans to settle down any time soon. That is until he meets his pretty new assistant, Piper Donovan.

    Desperate to escape the promise of backwater living, Piper ditched her Alabama hometown and never looked back. That was almost two years ago. Now that she is out of a job and her bank account is running on fumes, she’s desperate to find a job, fast. She finds the break she is searching for when she lands a position at Bookish Temptations. A little dancing and a lot of drinks with the girls seem the perfect way to celebrate. After a brief but explosive encounter with a man she was never supposed to see again turns out to be the same man she will be bending over backwards to please, her every instinct tells her to run. But when running means leaving the life she has struggled so hard to create, Piper decides her only option is to continue working for the devastatingly sexy Tate Larson...even if it kills her.

    Unable to deny their growing attraction, they struggle to keep their distance in a relationship that requires anything but.

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    Manday Hotties Hop

    Happy Manday!!
    Can you believe that August is just around the corner? 
    In anticipation of the hottest month of the year, I thought we'd ogle incredibly hot guys.  
    Instead of one, how about two to get this week started off right ;)

    Summer of Love Giveaway Hop

     Welcome to my stop on the Summer of Love Giveaway Hop!

    As an author of romance, I spend a large portion of my days and nights delving into love and relationships and bringing couples together. Like many of you, I am in love with love, but I also love the journey it takes to get there. Since real life is fraught with struggles and misunderstandings, I have infused those elements in my fictional worlds where the women are hot-headed vixens and the men are hard-headed and as mouthwatering and delicious as a giant box of gourmet chocolates! 

    For the hop, I am offering up the first two books in my Night Calls series. I'll warn you now, Stranded and That First Kiss are hot enough to set your Kindle on fire, so this giveaway is intended for adults 18+ that can handle couples with strong attitudes, colorful language, and melt your socks off sensual encounters. 

    Entry is easy. Just plug in the information requested in the Rafflecopter!

    Don't forget to check out these other awesome bloggers! 


    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop ~ July 18-21

    Welcome to the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop sponsored by the Insatiable Reads Book Tour!

     The Grand Prizes for this tour will be chosen from the comments left by participants among the blogs that are participating and include:

    a Kindle Fire (1) and a $50 Amazon gift card (2)


    Insatiable Reads is also offering a Rafflecopter Giveaway that you won't want to miss and will last all month from July 1-31. They are giving away:
    A LOADED Kindle Fire 4G HD!!!
    ALL of the Insatiable Reads books in print... many autographed!
    ALL of the Insatiable Reads books in ebook format!
    20 winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!
    20 winners will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card!


    Like any little girl, I grew up with the dream of finding my prince charming and being swept off my feet to live in a castle with my 2.3 children and live happily ever after. Like any woman who shared that dream, I know now that while those fairy tales come true for some, most women have to wade through a few toads to find their happily ever after.

    When I started reading romances I went into it for the guaranteed HEA. When I started writing romances, I knew I would be the one to provide it, but not without a little yelling, screaming and moaning first ;)

    You can find Stranded and That First Kiss on Amazon, B&N and Kobo, but since you're here for a little fun...keep reading! 

    Each blogger has been asked to add a little something extra to make this hop memorable and exciting, so I have decided to offer up an ebook copy of  Stranded and That First Kiss by J.C. Valentine to (2) winners!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Hop along to the next blog and giveaway!

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    Happy Hump Day!


    For those of you who enjoy your romance up against a wall...


    ...have a fantastic Wednesday!

    Teaser Tuesday~ Surrender to Love (Night Calls, 3) by J.C. Valentine

    The bad thing about the summer season was how long the sun took to set. Patti didn’t realize how much time had passed until she heard the heavy thud of a car door nearby. She wasn’t afforded much time to gather her thoughts before she heard the voice that made her tingle all the way down to her toes.
    “So you drive a muscle car and you like to get dirty.” His voice was thick with appreciation and held a touch of laughter.
    Patti used her feet to propel herself from under the car. Once she was clear, she found herself looking up into Jon’s incredible blue eyes.
    “Damn, and I thought you were stunning before.” His eyes skimmed down her body, and Patti became acutely aware of how much skin she was showing. She snapped her legs closed.
    “What time is it?” she asked from her prone position.
    Jon held out his hand and she took it. Grasping it tightly, he pulled her to her feet. “It’s nearly eight. I’m usually late for everything, but I found myself unable to wait any longer.” He slid his gaze over her again and Patti felt her cheeks warm. 


    Surrender to Love releases November 2013. Add it to your Goodreads today! 


    Monday, July 15, 2013

    New Release! Black Moon (Ink, 3) by Holly Hood

    Black Moon (Ink, #3)

    Slade saved her life...
    but none of that matters anymore...

    Torn between her love for Slade and her own existence, Hope has to fight to keep one while battling to save the other. They say it all falls apart in the end. Walking away isn’t always easy.
    Hope believed in Slade…
    But sometimes belief has a horrible way of destroying your life.
    Can their love survive or will it all just fall apart?

    Available now on Amazon!

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Teaser Tuesday ~ Surrender to Love (Night Calls, 3) by J.C. Valentine

    Hey, my lovely peeps! It's been a while since the last teaser what with all the giveaways and the craziness surrounding the release of That First Kiss. Slowly but surely I am getting back on track and everything is going well on the writing front, which is why I am sharing a teaser of the next book in the Night Calls series, Surrender to Love. Also, this is the first time all of you will get to see exactly who this story centers around! Remember, you saw it here first! Enjoy!!

    “Listen, this is probably a little unorthodox, considering I just rear ended you.” Patti smirked as her mind practically jumped head first into the gutter.
    “That came out wrong.” He straightened, combing his fingers through his dark hair as he composed himself before leaning into her window again. “Would you like to go to dinner with me?”
                Patti nibbled her lip, considering his offer. “I don’t know if that would be wise,” she said slowly. “I just got out of a relationship.”
                “Well, lucky for me, I usually prefer my dates to be unattached. Nothing dampens an evening more than having to put down a jealous boyfriend.”
                “Confident are we?”
                “Obnoxiously so.”
                Patti couldn’t stop the stupid grin from spreading across her face. Despite her reservations with…well, men in general, how did a girl say no to that? “When and where?” she asked before she could come to her senses and change her mind.
                “I have a few things to take care of first, and then I’ll call you.”
                “You don’t have my number,” Patti pointed out.
                Jon backed up toward his car, a playful smile curving his lips. He flashed the piece of paper he’d taken her information down on. “Actually, I do. Be seeing you.”
                Slumping back in her seat, Patti shook her head. What the hell was she doing? The last thing she needed to be doing was rebounding, but she was also in desperate need of a distraction. If she was lucky, this guy just might give her one.
                “Oh, and Patricia?”
                Patti twisted in her seat, hanging her head out the window. She raised her eyebrows in question.
                “I don’t know what all that was about on the phone, but for what it’s worth, I think you have fantastic legs.” He winked at her and turned away to head back to his car.
                A true smile burst across Patti’s face and she bit her lip to keep from giggling. Yep, Jon was definitely going to be a distraction. 

    Surrender to Love has a tentative release date of November 2013. Add it to your Goodreads TBR!
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