Tuesday, July 2, 2013

*New Release Alert* Bliss by Maven West

Author: Maven West
Publication: July 2, 2013

Happy Release Day to new author Maven West!


Falling in love and then losing the most important person in your life…
Was it fate? For three years Morgan was married to the love of her life, Eric. A perfect marriage, a perfect friendship everything she could want, everything she needed. But when Eric dies in a car accident, everything she ever wanted is taken on that same fateful day.
And then she meets Carter Sterling, he’s your typical player. And there is one serious problem—Carter is seeing her friend, Ana.
Morgan is desperately searching for someone to fill the emptiness inside of her. But getting involved with Carter or anyone may not be what she needs. But Carter has his own plans, and Morgan isn’t part of it.
All she wants is to feel that way again…
Warning: Contains explicit situations and language.


I knew Eric would have wanted me to move on.
But he would have hated to know I moved on with my grief counselor.
I didn’t know the first thing about grief, or dealing with it, or how to control the breakdown I went through every night when I went back to the apartment we shared together.
I was broken.
I dropped my head back, closing my eyes as Jon’s teeth slid down the flesh of my neck. His tongue visited my earlobe and made my toes curl.
And he made me forget. There were pluses to banging the grief counselor, and also minuses, his own emotional baggage—his dead wife.
I wondered why such a man needed to bang in cars before grief meetings. But as I yanked him by his lush head of dark hair down to my tits I knew why. He was a mess just like me.
“What time is it?” he asked his breath heavy as he worked his gorgeous body back and forth in the perfect rhythm slamming into me over and over again.
I pressed my hand against his mouth making him stop talking. “I’m about to cum and you’re worried about the time?”
He went for my mouth, trying his best to plant a kiss on my lips. I shook my head; my lips were reserved for Eric and only Eric. He drew back like a snake bit him, and slapped on the expression of a man with a bruised ego.
“Not a lot of men want to fuck a girl with issues,” he said.
I stared into his eyes, flecks of gold decorated the center, and a lush set of dark eyelashes covered them. “You’re fucking me.” I reminded him straining under the weight of his muscular body, twirling my hips around his manhood to get him to forget the lecture he wanted to hand over.
He pressed his forehead into my chest, doing his best to hold onto the control. “Because I get you.”
I squeezed his ass refusing to let him stop me. “You don’t get me. You love fucking me. You miss your wife, I miss my husband and you’re the best sex I have had since he died.”
And that was all she wrote. Jon groaned pressing his face against mine, he had beat me to the finish line. I liked the sound of his voice against my ear as he exploded inside me.
 And now it was my turn to make it there,around and around I went begging my body to let go, to give in and let me remember what it felt like to release, but it didn’t happen.
I closed my eyes throwing my head back against the leather of his backseat, hot, and defeated.
“It’s past six,” Jonathan said snapping off the condom. “Shit, we’re late.”
I rolled my eyes watching him tie up the end of the rubber. He found his shirt and slipped it on using his elbow to wipe away the moisture on his window.
I was sure Eric never expected that I would be naked in the back of an old four door wondering why I couldn’t orgasm. He always knew how to get me off;
He was the epitome of what making love was all about. Anymore I seemed to be chasing the ghost of what once was.


  1. Needs to be dirtier! Manhood? Don't be afraid to say cock, dick, etc..

  2. Sounds like a great read. The cover is beautiful :)


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