Monday, May 14, 2012

Review of A Devil Named Desire (The Devil's Bargain #2) by Author Terri Garey

 4 Stars

Hope Henderson is in a state of despair over her sister's supposed death. After a series of unfortunate events throughout her life--her parent's deaths and running her sister off unintentionally--Hope blames herself for everything that has gone wrong. She is so depressed, in fact, that she attempts to kill herself, unwittingly calling upon the Darkness. And that is when Sammy Divine, the devil himself, steps in to save the day.

Sammy, always the Master of Deceit, has his own agenda. Give Hope the opportunity to see her sister again, and in return Hope will create a site for his followers to worship him and his minions, as well as her immortal soul. However, Archangel Gabriel, the Lightbringer, never the one to let a good soul fall into the abyss, notices the darkness shadowing Hope, and steps up to the plate, appointing himself her protector.

I really liked this story. Gabriel, as an angel, is historically forbidden to partake in sins of the flesh, otherwise risk falling the way of his brother, Samael. He holds himself to this high standard, looking down on his fallen brethren because he cannot comprehend his temptation as he has never been tempted. Until he meets Hope. Hope appears to be anything but attracted to him, which boggles his mind and captures his attention more thoroughly than whatever game the Devil is playing at.

I had a few problems with the wording. It seems the author has a style that can be a little backwards at times, but overall, the tone was perfectly fine. I also noticed a few typos, but that is nothing compared to the actual leaving out of words. That was my biggest annoyance throughout this book. In the end, I couldn't hold it against the author because there were some great passages that were beautifully written. Everything about it was dark and sensuous, temptation wrapped in pleasure that has the power to create a flutter in your belly as first love is recognized and acted upon. I loved the connection between Gabe and Hope, but I was attracted to Sammy's role in all of this too, curious to see how his life will play out in the end. Try as he might to be evil, there is no doubt there is a heart somewhere deep down beneath that clever, crafty, devilish facade.

If you like your romance wrapped in deviltry, pick up a copy on Amazon, today.

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