Monday, October 15, 2012

Indie Author Feature and Giveaway! 

This week I would like to introduce Stephen Bradlee, author of Falling in Love.

Genre: Women's fiction
Publication: August 9, 2012
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Sherry Johnson is young, beautiful, bright and athletic. She has everything going for her, except for one thing. She is addicted to love. Her life is a vicious circle of nightly trysts and morning regrets. Her addiction got her kicked out of college, cost her the love of her life and has left her in complete despair. But still Sherry keeps falling in love. And falling. And falling. Finally, as Sherry struggles to pull herself up from a bottomless abyss, she realizes that she will have to learn to love the one person she has loathed for most of her life. Herself.

Based on the True Story of a Young Woman's Battle with Sexual Addiction.

What people are saying: 

"5 Stars is not sufficient to rate a book which rips at the heartstrings, breaks the reader’s heart over and over, and yet-despite witnessing the protagonist hit bottom so many times-leaves us with hope that yes, there can be good come out of wrong, that there may be joy in the morning, that just maybe there is hope in each of our lives if we will but persevere to find it."

"As compelling as the storyline was, the characters really made the story come to life."

"What a breathtaking story. It is so captivating that I read it in a day."   

“I liked the writing style. I enjoyed it.”

To learn more about Stephen and read a free sample of Falling in Love, check out his website

Before you go, enter to win one of 3 eBook copies of  Falling in Love. This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL as the prize will be delivered in the form of a Smashwords coupon via EMAIL.


  1. Thank you so much for a fantastic book giveaway, that i would love to be able to read as it sounds facinating! I have added 'falling in love' to my to-read list.

    1. Thank you for entering, Miss Lucinda! Good luck :)

  2. Thank you for this giveaway, this sounds like an amazing book to read. I'm going to add this boo to my TBR list.

    1. I'm glad it interests you! Thanks for entering :)


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