Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review of Touch If You Dare by Stephanie Rowe

After 150 years, Jarvis has finally managed to escape the Den where he and his friends have suffered unspeakable horrors. His time there has left him emotionally scarred and untrusting of all women. The keeper of Hate, Jarvis is on borrowed time. As Hate consumes him, he must find locate his brother, the keeper of Love before he explodes, unleashing his gift on an unsuspecting world.

Reina works for the one and only Death. After losing every member of her family except one sister who is due to suffer the same fate at any moment. Her only hope of saving her sister is to get a promotion and to do that, she has an assignment to kill. The only problem is that Reina is a lover not a killer, but she will do what must be done if it means saving the person she loves. She just needs a little help from a certain woman hating warrior.

There was so much going on in this story, from Napoleon, Death's grandfather seeking to find his wife who has been kidnapped, to Death who is seeking to pull off the ultimate money making scheme in the history of reaping. Reina's mission to save her sister, Jarvis's mission to find his brother and save the world, his brother's journey to find a new purpose in life. We met the king of orgasms, and the ultimate assassin who has lost his own passion for the kill. Each was interesting in their own right, but I think they were deserving of their own story. Instead, they detracted from the main story line and Jarvis and Reina's journey to save the people they loved while finding their love for each other.

A perfect example of this would be Death. He is a huge womanizer and egotist, but he is also the most likeable, interesting and complex character. More than anything, I would have liked to learn more about him and what makes him tick. I hope there will be a book in the future that focuses on him. Overall, characters like this overshadowed the main characters, in my opinion.

When I first started reading this series, I loved the humor, and this one offered more of the same. However, as I said before, there was a lot going on. I had to juggle a lot of information, names, and places and sometimes it was difficult to keep everything straight. I love that the men each have their own unique coping mechanism, and for Jarvis that was hair. That alone lends a lightness to the story and at times created intimacy.

The execution was decent, the plot was solid and enjoyable. I really liked the struggle each character went through to reach their destiny. What I hated was the ridiculous amount of errors. This is a traditionally published novel? I would have thought indie considering the enormous amount of missing, added, and misspelled words that riddled each and every page from beginning to end. It was shocking really. With the way it stands, I would be surprised if this even went through the editing process at all. For me, it was distracting, sometimes even confusing and it interfered with the reading process significantly.

Aside from all that, this really is a decent book and a worthwhile read. The author clearly put a lot of thought into it and I can appreciate that. For all the problems, I will still pick up the next book in the series and recommend it to those who like a good paranormal romance with likeable, if not loveable characters and intricate plot lines. The humor alone makes me want to come back for more. 

Want to read it? Pick up Touch If You Dare here.

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