Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Create a Swoon-Worthy Warrior



I found this cute idea by an author that I love and admire, and I thought, hey, why not make it my own...with a twist? 


Have you ever wondered, what goes into making a warrior so incredibly dreamy, so swoon-worthy you wish you could crawl into that book and claim them for yourself? Today I would like to share my personal recipe for a swoon-worthy warrior passed down for generations with some slight changes. 



The 2nd book in the Brotherhood series is coming soon! 


About the book...


Forbidden desires...Being a Brother and a caretaker isn't an easy job, especially when you find yourself coveting the one person you were meant to protect but never have- your brother's woman. That is exactly where Behr finds himself- in love and out of luck. Nothing a little killing can't remedy. While looking for a little trouble to take his mind off what's brewing at home, Behr finds the perfect distraction: hunting down the mythical Rage demon prowling his city's streets.

Lost and alone...

Cheyenne doesn't know what to do with herself. Weeks have passed with no sign of Erias, and as far as she knows, he's dead. Just when she resigns herself to the difficult task of moving on with her life, he reappears, but the Erias she knew no longer exists. He's a demon, the very thing he and his brother's hunt each night. Can Erias overcome this transformation and find the strength to make it back to Cheyenne and the Brotherhood, and if he does, will they accept him? In a world plagued with uncertainty, only one thing is definite: no matter how it ends, someone's heart is bound to get ripped to shreds.



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