Friday, September 7, 2012

Review of Clash by Nicole Williams

In the second installment of the Jude and Lucy love story we find the two lovebirds firmly set in their respective colleges, fully in love and trying their darnedest to make it all work. Until Jude gets a "Spirit Sister" from hell and everything takes a nose dive.

Let me just say, I LOVED Crash and I had no idea when or if there would be a follow up, so when I decided to do a search and see if Miss Williams had anything for me to read, I nearly fell over myself with glee! I may have even squeed a little. Okay, I did. Clash was everything I could have imagined it to be and then some. It was filled with angst (so much angst!) and love and despair and devotion and Jude (OMG, Jude!). I felt like a teenager again reading this. The writing is perfect for drawing the reader in and getting them good and lost, so warn your family, it's a fend for yourself kind of night 'cause once you pick this baby up you're not going to want to put it down!

Okay, enough gushing.

So Lucy is convinced that she and Jude are going to make it, in spite of his tendency to go into raging fits at the drop of a hat (seriously, if he ever dropped his hat, he'd probably flip). But she's got this! She knows Jude and she knows how to bring him down and balance him out. Or does she?

Enter the evil, maniacal, cheerleader from hell, Adriana, a.k.a. Jude's Spirit Sister. Adriana is everything a man could ever want in a girl. She'll wash his clothes, clean his personal space, do just about anything he wants (and I mean ANYTHING), and she's hot to boot. Plus, she isn't opposed to swiping another girl's man out from under her. And she's got her sights firmly set on Jude and she's making it known. Now, Lucy isn't so sure she can trust her boyfriend who lives four hours away and is in constant contact with her new arch nemesis. Plagued with insecurity and it threatens to ruin everything. Can she trust Jude? Can she trust that their love is enough to pull them through anything? Or will she lose him, because, let's face it, love isn't always enough and with their history it's pretty much doomed. Right?

I'll just say this: The beginning was entertaining, fun, and sexy. The middle was nerve wracking, tension building, make-you-wanna-pound-a-fictional-character-in-the-face mess of hatred and anger, and the ending was chock full of happiness and daydreams of more happiness. Williams doesn't paint a pretty picture in the roses and sunshine kind of way. Instead, she takes an honest approach that, although life can be gritty and difficult to find your way through, with love in your heart and the right person at your side, you'll get through almost anything. I love it, and I love her writing, and I love this book! What more can I say?

Oh, yeah, go buy this thing!

Clash is available on Amazon 

And if you haven't read the first book, you can pick it up here.

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