Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Why Indies Rock' Blog Tour

Welcome everyone to my stop on the Why Indies Rock Blog Tour! 

I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up to be a part of this whole deal, but as I read the posts of others on this tour with me, I have had a chance to see and experience exactly what it is all about. 

To be honest, I never set out to be an author. As a kid, I always wrote things, but I never put much stock into it. What I dreamed of being was a veterinarian. I cared for hordes of animals of all species and I still have that tendency to this day. I eventually traded that dream in for indie car racing, which turned briefly into a desire to be an Air Force fighter pilot, then settled into wife and mother. Today, I dream of becoming an editor. Notice that writer still isn't on that list of dreams. 

I kind of fell into this job. One day a close friend of mine decided to get back to writing, so I thought it might be fun to see what I had in me too. I created a trilogy that has since been locked in a vault where not a soul except my own will ever find it. 

The thing is, writing is so unbelievably hard sometimes. Ideas come and go so fast that I can't even write them all down, but executing them is sometimes a torturous affair. I agonize over every single word, revise until my brain aches, and take frequent breaks to recharge my batteries. Yes, I am a perfectionist. 

During my journey, I have met some amazing people, but I have also met a few scrooges who try to diminish my work because I don't have the backing of a House. I have had countless people ask me if I would ever want to be published.  A novel idea to be sure. I mean, who wouldn't want to have the recognition a House brings? Who wouldn't want to be told your work is so good, someone wants to represent you? In fact, when I first started out, I took that path. I contacted all the houses and agents I could, sent out countless letters and even got some hopeful feedback, but it wasn't enough. It would never be enough. It took some soul searching, and one day I came to the conclusion that the answer to that question is a big fat no. I don't want to be anything other than an indie author. Why? Because I love setting my own pace. I am a rule breaker. I don't like walls around me, I don't like guidelines, and I don't like time frames. I work at my own pace, I develop my own ideas and I write what I want to write. I don't ever want to be the person who has to watch the market trend and try to capitalize on it. I want to march to my own drummer. Doing it my way ensures that I never get bored. I create my best work when I listen to to what I want. I can be closer to my audience, hands on, if you will. It is hard work. Such hard work! But for all the times when it isn't, it is rewarding.

Today I write and I know I will never stop. I can't. I love creating and I love what I have created. It is a challenge, and I have always enjoyed a good challenge. Each time I create another person, another world, I see myself getting better and I love that. I also know how important it is to have praise and feedback and a constant stream of support. That is why I give back. Not only do I share my work with others, I work to share other indie's work with the world. Because who are indies but another Anne Rice or Donna Grant or some other popular author looking for recognition? It's not the path but the journey that matters. 



November 1st- Tamara Beard

November 2nd- Amber Garza

November 3rd- Alli & Laura

November 4th- Lori Parker

November 5th- Jennifer Bogart

November 6th- Coral Russel

November 7th- Supagurl

November 8th- Jo Michaels

November 9th- Tammy-Louise Wilkins

November 10th- Matt Gannon

November 11th- Brianna Lee

November 12th- Katie Shelby

November 13th- L. Leander

November 14th- Cynthia Hill

November 15th- Mandy Anderson

November 16th- Jamie Loeak

November 17th- Amy Miles

November 18th-Karly Blakemore-Mowle

November 19th- Steph Brentson

November 20th- Annie Walls

November 21st- Becky Elizabeth Searson

November 23rd- Jamie Cross

November 24th- Teresa Gabelman

November 25th- Jennifer

November 26th- Ren Reidy

November 27th- Delphina Miyares

November 28th- Nikki

November 29th- L.a. Freed

November 30th- Patricia Lynne

December 1st- Mary Smith

December 2nd- Danielle Banister

December 3rd- Janiera Eldridge

December 4th- Caddy Rowland

December 5th- Shanora Williams

December 6th- LM Preston

December 7th- Candy Ann Little

December 8th- Jill Cooper

December 10th- Shelly Pratt

December 11th- Kelley Grealis

December 12th- Michelle Hughes

December 13th- Allison Medina

December 14th- Angela

December 15th- Jennifer Martinez

December 17th- Kristina Snyder

December 18th- Jolene Perry

December 19th- Stephanie Constante

December 20th- Jessica Gibson

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