Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

This week's teaser is from Foretold, a lovely book filled with stories by some of my favorite authors, including Richelle Mead!

Teaser #1

Interview of Duncan Mulroney
Restricted Access: Eyes Only

I'm going to say this once, because I don't like how you guys have been running this little show. So listen close. 

That space dude may have been all smiles and blue eyes for the cameras outside that ship. But inside, where no one was taping, it was another story. 

All Kaleigh was trying to do was ask him why, if he wasn't planning on doing anything wrong, he needed the force field. Fair enough, right? She'd known this guy since she was a kid. She was concerned. She was trying to protect him. And us, too. She was trying to explain how that kind of thing might not look good, especially to a guy like her dad, who's in charge of a squadron of fighter jets. 

But did the dude listen to her? No way. He was completely ignoring h er, messing around with a bunch of switches on his control board. 

That's when we noticed the mucus. 

Teaser #2

"Why are you here?" he asked the question quick and sharp, so different from the languidness of our earlier banter. Briefly I considered whether he'd be toying with me and knew my true identity, but I pushed the thought aside. If he didn't even know the Gardener was a woman, he wasn't a man of the court who would recognize me on sight. 

"I'm here to ask what brought you to your execution," I told him.

He frowned. "Why?"

This was the trickier question. I stood from the stool and paced behind it. I'd already run three races this morning and my legs hummed from spent energy. "I like to understand those who are taken to the garden."

"Does it ever make a difference?" he asked. 

"In what way?"

"Had anything you've ever been told spared a condemned from the race?" 

"That is not for me to give--only the Emperor may grant mercy," I reminded him.

So, what do you think? Will you be adding this book to your list this year?


  1. I like both teasers, sounds like a really intriguing read.

    1. I certainly hope so! I love R. Mead, but some of the other authors are new to me. It should be an adventure.


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