Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Surrender to Love by J.C. Valentine

After finding herself out of luck and out of love, Patricia Jacobs has written off the male species. No one but her father has ever given her the love and devotion she knows she deserves, and she’s sick and tired of it. Until she collides, literally, with a man whose devastating smile and seductive charm that should be considered illegal, destroys her plans. He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of in a man: handsome, intelligent, successful, they share a love of cars and best of all; he looks at her like she’s his light in the dark. What more could a girl ask for?

Jonathon Bradford, destroyed by a past that has haunted his every waking moment for the last five years, isn’t looking for a serious relationship, until he meets Patricia. Sweet, saucy and as hot as the summer is long, Jon can’t deny the draw he has toward her. For the first time, he has hope. Determined to shake the ghosts of his past, Jon focuses on forging a future with Patti, but he’s always been a master at standing in his own way.

When Jon’s past refuses to be forgotten, will Patti be able to live with the truth about the man who’s stolen her heart?
Jon smiled down at her. Tension was still evident in the crinkles around his eyes, but it was fading before her eyes. “Listen, this is probably a little unorthodox, considering I just rear ended you.” Patti smirked as her mind practically jumped head first into the gutter.
“That came out wrong.” He straightened, rubbing the back of his neck as he composed himself before leaning into her window again. “Would you like to go to dinner with me?”
            Patti nibbled her lip, considering his offer. “I don’t know if that would be wise,” she said slowly. “I just got out of a relationship.”
            “Well, lucky for me, I usually prefer my dates to be unattached. Nothing dampens an evening more than having to put down a jealous boyfriend.”
            “Confident are we?”
            “Obnoxiously so.”
            Patti couldn’t stop the stupid grin from spreading across her face. Despite her reservations with…well, men in general, how did a girl say no to that?


Surrender to Love  releases on November 12, 2013. Add it to your Goodreads!

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