Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Look Back at 2013

The last year has been very eventful for me. I have been blessed to have met many great people along the way--a couple even becoming close friends and confidants.

This year I introduced to you two new books: That First Kiss and Surrender to Love. I never could have dreamed how well Tate would resonate with all of you, but I am thrilled that he did. There has been much debate over which of the Night Calls men is the most delicious, so I am going to put this issue to bed. It's Jon. Wait, it's definitely Felix. No, no, it's Tate, hands down. Okay, I can't decide. They're all equally delicious!

*Save the Date* Felix and Poppy will be returning Valentine's Day 2014 in a hot little novella that will bring readers up-to-date with the struggles they witnessed in previous novels. It's not the end of their story by far, but it does deliver a heavy dose of the bad and the good, in that order. I hope you all love it. Sheila and Tom's story will be next!

Currently, I am working on the first novel in my brand new series, Wayward Fighters, entitled Knockout. Yep, you guessed it, this series is about MMA fighters. It's coming along nicely and will Spring 2014. I hope you all will be there to help me celebrate and spread the word!

In other news, the street team was a bit of a flop. Yes, it stings to admit it, but I had a bumpy ride with the release of Surrender to Love due to a less than stellar job performed by a company that I had placed a lot of hope and faith in, and they let me down big time. However, I have teamed up with an incredible lady that came around at exactly the right time, and together she and I will be revamping the system and making it into what it was supposed to be from the start. I will be posting links and everything you will need to join up once that is ready to go.

Finally, if you want to stay on top of things that are happening with upcoming projects, tours, and more, make sure to sign up for my newsletters! With all of my projects, I don't expect to be posting as often as I did last year, so I won't be flooding your inbox with updates. It's a good way to stay in the know :)

Happy Holidays!


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