Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Sneak Peek~ That First Kiss

“So…” Piper dragged the word out, waiting for him to explain himself further.

“What do you mean what?” Piper asked, growing frustrated. “You told me we had work to do, but it’s pretty obvious that there is something else going on here. So, what’s on your mind? And don’t say work, because it’s plain to me that’s not what you dragged me away for.”

Tate rounded on her. “One, I didn’t drag you anywhere. You came willingly. Two, I wasn’t lying when I said there’s work to do.” He took a step back, visibly calming himself. “Look, you were right. I did have another reason for dragging you away.”

“Aha!” Piper jumped on her heels, pointing a triumphant finger at him. “So you admit that you dragged me.”

Tate smirked. “Honestly, you make me sound like some sort of caveman. Had that been the case, you would be unconscious and completely at my mercy right now. And trust me,” he said, his voice growing husky as they fell off his tongue and he stepped forward, closing the distance between them. “I can think of so many things to do to you, and you wouldn’t be complaining about any of them.”

As close as he was now, Piper was forced to tilt her head back to meet his eyes. The fire she found in them made her body tingle, and she swallowed thickly, wanting to step into his arms and lose herself in his sensual promise. “I doubt that,” she murmured, not wanting him to know how much his words were affecting her.

Tate’s eyes dilated and she felt a jolt of electricity pass between them when he reached out to grasp her hips. He pulled her up against him, forcing her hands up to his chest to brace her as she crashed into him. “You doubt me?”

Already beginning to lose herself in his ocean blue eyes, Piper managed a weak response. “Can’t doubt what I already know.”

The fierce look of possessiveness Tate unleashed on her made Piper’s knees tremble. Desire consumed her and before she knew what he was doing, before she could even consider stopping him, Tate’s mouth crashed down on hers. 

*Note: Excerpt is not final and is subject to changes by the author.*


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