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Indie Author of the Month!  


This month I would like to introduce to you Pat Ritter, author of The Drover.


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Genre: General fiction; adventure 
Publication: October 23, 2011
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Harry Williams from the age of ten years wanted to become a drover, like his father and grandfather before him. This is his life story of leaving school at ten years old, operating his first droving plant at thirteen years and fully operational at twenty-one years old. Droving is now a craft past its used by date. Harry Williams didn't think so.

About Pat Ritter: 

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Pat Ritter. Since 1988 I have been writing and publishing books and until recently through Writing Queensland have decided to publish my books as e-books on this and other websites.

Writing and self-publishing became expensive especially the marketing end of the business. I experienced little problems with my first book 'Closing The Gap' however after writing and self-publishing six other books the printing costs out-weighed the expenses.

At this stage of my writing I am trying to convert from writing true life stories to fictional or better known - storytelling and it's difficult I can tell you.

Reading is a passion for me and when I read I try and place myself in the writer's seat and endeavour to work out how they wrote the story. I enjoy reading interesting stories filled with passion, desire with a happy ending.

If you have a look at my website all of my books are exhibited plus stories I have written and published.

I'm happy to meet you.

I'm also proud to be involved in Operation eBook Drop.

Pat Ritter
Author/Self Publisher

To learn more about Pat, you can find him here

What people are saying:

"Great read! Pat Ritter's writing is so detailed and descriptive that you can really see in your mind's eye what life was like as a drover in outback Queensland many years ago. My teenager is now starting on the book as well as there is stuff in this book they will NOT learn at school. The main character, Harry, is very likable and I did develop an appreciation of our forefathers and what they went through, and the grace by which they lived while out in the rough 'n tumble. I'd love to see a movie made out of this book! Lots of good ingredients there."

5.0 out of 5 stars--
"There are many books written about a bygone era and The Drover is one such. Pat Ritter's novel tells the true story of Harry Williams, a drover who hit the road at 13 and followed the life until it eventually faded due to the arrival of road transport for shifting stock.

"Harry Williams was a magnificent man who saw his share of tragedy in losing his newborn son and who took on his deceased sister's twelve children without much assistance from his brother-in-law. Altogether Harry and his wife, Rose, raised fifteen children during their life on the road.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this account and hope many people read this chronicle of stamina, honesty and a work ethic which would send many of today's youth into shell-shock just thinking about it. The hardy people of our history need to be written about before their deeds are long forgotten. The muster of the long paddock is enacted once a year in northern Australia and it is about to begin right now. It is heartening to see the tradition maintained and writer's such as Pat Ritter are doing their bit"



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    I think it's great that you review Indie books. There are so many out there and so many new titles get published every month. So, it's pretty impossible for me to sort out which ones are worth the time to check out. I try to review 1 indie book a month. So, look forward to your reviews.

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  5. Brandi,

    First, let me personally thank you for promoting my book 'The Drover' and myself as 'Author of the month'. I never expected it until I googled my website and found your blog. I was actually searching on google to see the ranking of the website.

    It was a surprise to see my book and name on your blog and words can't express enough how I feel.

    Thank you very much for publishing my details. I really appreciate it.

    Pat Ritter
    Author/Self Publisher


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