Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 Teaser Tuesday!

It's that time of the week again! Wait, it's that time of the week, AGAIN? Wow, how time has been flying lately! Well, if you stopped in last week, you already know what's going on. If you're new to the blog, you're in for a treat!

Since I am always reading something, every Tuesday I will share a few lines (teasers) designed to entice you.

Want to play along?

  • Pick up whatever book you are currently reading and open it to the page you left off at (If you haven't started it yet, open it to a random page). 
  • Without giving anything away, share a few lines that you find particularly great. 
  • So everyone knows where to pick up this great new read, don't forget to include the title and author name.
That's it!

Today's teasers are taken from The Player, written by New York Times Bestselling author, J.R. Ward (a.k.a. Jessica Bird).

Teaser #1 

"Do you want to be alone?" 
Gray's eyes slid over to her face. His expression was so intense, she had to blink. It was either that or have her retinas toasted. 
"No, I don't want to be alone," he said in a low, husky voice. His eyes flickered downward for a split second before he looked away. "And that's my problem." 

Teaser #2

 She could do this. She really could. If Eve had pulled off the seducer routine with only an apple and some coaching from a snake, surely Joy could make a go of it in a Stella McCartney dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos.    

Do you have a teaser you would like to share? 


  1. Interesting teaser.
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you.

  2. Whew! *fans herself* Steamy teaser alert! LOL. Sounds like an interesting read.

    PS -- I tagged you in my 'Be Inspired Meme' post, if you wish to participate.

    1. LOL, glad you like it, Niki! And I would love to participate! *runs right over*


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