Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Author Feature ~ Fissures by D.L. Hodges

We're back once again with a feature from a bright and shiny new author. It's a privilege to introduce to you author D.L. Hodges and his new book, Fissures.

Genre: Mystery
Publication: April 11, 2013
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Andrew (Drew) Parsons, the product of an abusive upbringing by his adoptive father, has spent 7 years in jail for a crime he committed in his teens. While in the penitentiary he befriends an older inmate, John, a seasoned veteran of the prison system, who mentors Drew, teaching him the path he has chosen isn't the one he should continue on.
Returning home, after his prison release, with the desire to change his life, Drew steps back into a world fraught with conflict and misery; but also to a mother who has always been there to protect him. Soon, however, he realizes he must break away from that environment if he is to have any chance of success.

Escaping his parents’ house, Drew sets out on a journey of discovery; to make a new future for himself, but also to learn the mystery of his past, to find his birth parents. As Drew begins to uncover his history he is swept into a world of lies, abandonment and violence, and the truths he finds are far from the ones he sought.

What people are saying

 "Fissures is one of those books in which the reader can develop a healthy and well-earned respect for a man whose spirit should be crushed by the abuse and hostility he faces early on, and yet is not crushed."

    "This is a well-written, heart-felt story of human relationships and the full range of complexities they bring - love, abuse, support, treachery, compassion, pain...emotions which, to some extent, we've all experienced at some time or another. Thus, the story is very relatable, heart-wrenching but real, and will easily have you hooked till the very end."

To learn more about D.L., check out his profile on Amazon!

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