Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ That First Kiss by JC Valentine

 An extra long treat for the senses! 


The fierce look of possessiveness Tate unleashed on her made Piper’s knees tremble. Desire consumed her and before she knew what he was doing, before she could even consider stopping him, Tate’s mouth crashed down on hers.
            Threading his fingers through her hair, Tate grabbed fistfuls of it in both hands as he plundered her mouth, robbing her of all breath as he licked at her lips and sucked on her tongue. Piper moaned loudly, the breath rushing out of her as he slammed her back against the wall, pressing his hard lines into her soft curves as he groped every last inch of her body.
            Pushing his knee between hers, Tate forced his way closer, completely obliterating her personal space. Still gripping her hair in one hand, he released the other to let it wander lower. Skimming down her neck, he followed the path of his fingertips with his lips, stopping to nip and suckle her pulse point until she was gasping for air. When his hand came to rest over her right breast, he lifted his head to look into her eyes.
            “You’re so hot, baby,” he whispered, massaging the turgid peak. Piper whimpered, her hands clenching the material of his shirt and pulling him closer. She couldn’t seem to get close enough. “So damn sexy.” He pinched her nipple through the soft cotton and Piper sucked in a gulp of air, desperate for more of his touch. “Tell me you want me,” he commanded, dipping his head again to run his tongue along her collarbone.
            Despite her compromised state of mind, Piper knew that she couldn’t give in. She couldn’t tell him what he wanted, because that would give him far more power over her than he already had. And he did have power over her; she would be the last to deny that. Every time he looked at her, she melted. Every time he touched her, she exploded. Tate might have total command over her body, but she would never let him command her heart. 


That First Kiss is scheduled for release on June 18th! 

Be sure to add it to your TBR!


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