Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaser Tuesday~ Promises, Promises by Janice Baker

Isabella “Izzy” McKenna just came out of a two year, well, she couldn’t really call it a relationship. It was more like two years of being dominated and controlled by HIM, a handsome, domineering and powerful man.

When she finally decides to leave HIM, after HE finally pushes her too far, she revives her friendship with her best friend from college.

Little did Izzy know that rekindling her friendship would also throw her into an amazing loving relationship with a gorgeous fun, but at times jealous, bar owner named Z.

Will Izzy’s horrible childhood and past controlling relationship keep her from finally finding the love that she’s always searched for? Or will HE ruin the love that is finally just in her grasp?


He took a small step towards me and gently cupped my chin, bringing my gaze back to him, My heart raced and felt like it might leap out of my chest. "If you ever need anything, even a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. Always." The caring sincerity in his voice showed me he really meant it. 

He slowly took his hand away from my chin. I swallowed and quietly said, "Thank you," feeling breathless from his concerned touch. 

I started to back out, knowing I needed to leave, so I could try to calm my fast beating heart. "I better get back out there. It sounds like it's getting busy." 

His eyes stared deep into mine and then he shook his head and gave me a sweet smile. "Good luck out there." 


There you have it! Have you read Promises, Promises yet? Do you plan to? Share your thoughts, I would love to hear them! 


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