Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teaser Tuesday ~ Shiver by Linda Wilkinson-Wing

I saw it now, as the theater brightened briefly with the changing hues of the screen, the shiny red stain on the mouth of the attacker.  It dripped from his lips, and his narrow tongue darted out to lick it off before more could be wasted.  As he did this, his yellow eyes widened momentarily with obvious pleasure.  

It was a totally “yikes” moment for me.  I was terrified, and I must admit that to my shame I no longer had any thought of helping the poor unfortunate victim of this blood-sucking monster.  Instead, my only thought was to get away.  Yet, even as I tried to move from my seat, those glowering eyes  were somehow stopping me, mesmerizing me so that I began to feel so sluggish in my brain and body that I couldn’t act.  A part of me was fully aware of what was happening, and I tried to force myself to look away.  Instead, I felt my own will fading, being drained away as surely as the blood from that poor guy’s jugular.  

I knew I had to escape before I lost all of my free will.  It took a herculean effort to rise from my seat.  My popcorn container tumbled to the floor from my limp fingers.  My legs felt like rubber bands so that I stumbled, knocking my drink out of its holder.  I finally tumbled out into the aisle, and it was then that I broke the eye-lock with the blood-drinker.  I was suddenly free again, my will my own, and I immediately willed my feet to start movin.’  


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