Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentences~ That First Kiss by J.C. Valentine

Faint snoring drifted from behind his closed bedroom door, and Piper felt some of the tension lift from her shoulders at the knowledge of not having to endure his temper tantrum over a few lost minutes.
            Entering his room, she found him lying on his stomach, the blankets bunched in a mound at his feet. She approached the foot of the bed and paused to take in the sight of him. Wearing a pair of black BVDs that made his ass look round and firm like an apple, and nothing else, he was simply mouth-watering to look at. Lost in sleep, what she could see of his face revealed its usual scowl was absent, making him seem almost boyish in a youthful, angelic way. She almost felt bad for having to wake him up.
            Slapping the bottom of his bare foot, she shouted into the room, “Rise and shine!” 


That First Kiss was released on June 18th and is already taking off like wildfire! If you'd like to check out more of Tate and Piper's story, you can find it at the following online retailers: 

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  1. Well she sure got over her reluctance in a hurry LOL. Excellent description, I really had him pictured in my mind's eye. Great 8!

  2. It sounds like there's a lot of history behind this scene, between these characters. It makes me want to hope they learn to like each other... and I wonder what has happened in his life to make him walk around with a scowl... excellent character descriptions in such a tight economy of words!

  3. Very visual scene! Great job :-)

  4. They seem to have a particular relationship.


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