Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Sneak Peek~

"Good morning," I say quietly.

"I love your sleepy voice," she sighs. Her fingers work into my hair and I close my eyes. I love that. My life is so perfect. It's scary as hell.

I press my hand into her stomach, spreading my fingers across the towel. She shakes her head. "Don't start." Her voice is breathless and I know she doesn't really mean it. "We're supposed to be at the house by noon."

I smirk at her deviously. "We have plenty of time."

Her hand on my chest stops my advance towards her neck. "I have to make the pies." She swallows and my eyes are drawn to the delicate movement of her throat. I want to put my lips there so badly.

She pushes against me and I roll off her with a loud groan. "Fine. Go make pie, but I better get a piece of yours as soon as we get home."

She pauses halfway to the closet and spins around. Without warning, she pounces on me, forcing the breath from my lungs.

"Say it again," Hope whispers against my cheek.

"Ugh. What?" I croak. Her knee may have grazed a testicle. I may never be capable of having children or walking normal again. "That I want a piece of your pie? I think I tell you that every day." I adjust her leg, moving away from the boys, and finally look at her face. Her eyes are bright with excitement and she's smiling widely.

I love her smile.

"The part about being home--as soon as we  get home."

Jesus. This is why I love this girl. I grip her cheeks and kiss her deeply. "Our home," I say against her lips. "Our bedroom." I kiss her again. "Our bed."

"Our pie?"

I laugh. "No, that's just mine."


Such a good book! How can you not love these two?! 
Make sure to add Blackbird to your TBR and if you haven't already checked out the full length novel Sometimes Never, definitely do that too! 

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