Friday, April 5, 2013

Review of Seduced by Him by Elle Spencer

Contemporary Erotic Romance
Short Story

Kindle Edition, 28 pages

Published February 2013

Ansiley has it bad for her boss. He’s the man she’s thought of night after night as she’s handled her own sexual needs. When a rival of his sets his sights on her, Ansiley finds herself in the arms of her boss—who wants to not only protect her, but know every inch of her. She’s done wanting him from afar and takes his offer of more, but can she handle all he’s ready to give and all he wants? Will his seduction be enough to make her his?

Warning: Short story contains graphic sex told with frank language, an alpha male billionaire who takes what he wants and a woman all too willing to be seduced by him.

***3.5 stars!***

Ansiley has worked as Jeremy's assistant for almost a year and has been fantasizing about him for nearly as long. But as her boss, she knows her erotic thoughts have to remain just that, thoughts. Until one day, Jeremy catches her by surprise and asks her out to dinner and everything changes.

This is a short story, and I am okay with that. Seduced by You starts off strong with well-developed characters and a solid storyline. It doesn't take much convincing to see that Jeremy is an alpha male or that the attraction between these two will be explosive.

The author manages to add a creep factor into this story, which was excellent at first, but at one point turned me off from all the steam she had created. I found myself shaking my head, but at the same time, I was pleased with how Jeremy handled it--for, like, a second. And then he dropped the ball. The ending would have been perfectly fine with a promise for more, as well, but for me, the epilogue ruined it. Yes, everyone loves an HEA, but this one just felt forced. Too much too fast. I like natural progressions, and since there is a follow up to this story, I think the author could have progressed this relationship a bit more before taking this direction.

All in all, a good read with a lot of heat. I recommend this to anyone who like a quick, hot connection without a lot of fluff. 

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